Jump right in!

It's like plunging into the calm ocean, the wind softly caressing your tanned body, the sun warming and igniting it. It's like feeling the ocean's cool embrace contain you like a primordial womb.... and ALL this from a taco...

Birdrock / Bradenton VOTA vibe

Beachy, eclectic, surf, skate, casual vibe with the best food, and a new larger location with room in the backyard for outdoor seating ensures your visit is a fun one. We love our tacos... You will too.

Indoors or outdoors seating

People come to our corner of Florida for the incredible weather during the season just to site outside and eat tacos while listening to great music We Don't blame them one bit.

Birdrock is about art

The ancient art of the taco? No... Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance? closer... Some call him Professor Cool. We just enjoy the tacos..

Check The Birdrock Events

We love live music and our new location and outdoor area gives us a great place to showcase some exciting local acts and national music artists

"Birdrock Taco Shack is life, life with surf and tacos.

"Bradenton Florida's hottest spot in the Village of the Arts." Great food, cool people, and the tacos..., oh my... the tacos. They're open most days and makes a great way to start the night off. Birdrock's new larger location is located at 1213 13th Ave just a couple of blocks from its original location in Bradenton Florida's Village of the Arts. Birdrock Taco Shack is the eclectic gourmet place for everyone to hang out, chill and have some great food and enjoy exciting entertainment

Indoors & outdoor (weather permitting) seating

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Thursday 12 to 9 pm
Friday & Saturday: 12 to 9 pm