How The Bird Built a Shack

Chef David Shiplett

Chef David Shiplett

Ok, ok every website has to have “the story” this one is about the bird (I know you’ve heard about the bird?!) In our case the bird is Chef David Shiplett. David has worked as Chef; in large restaurants in San Fransico, San Diego, Sarasota and now Bradenton in his own Birdrock Taco Shack. Oh Yes… the Tacos… These arent your normal tacos. oh no these are tacos David Shiplett style.

The ancients believed the taco was mans first food, the bread or shell layer, from corn usually, as its easy to mill fine enough to make a container for what ever you had handy. Shrimp, pork belly, chicken, skirt steak with queso suisse plus a large sampling of vegan and vegitarian options all in the perfect circle divided… the original hand meal. oh Yes… the Taco. I get distracted easily, but these smell so damn good. Where was I?

Oh yes.. the Tacos… There are snax as well asĀ Our Specialties & Huge Stuff we Roll Up. that’s all Im gonna say here on the website about that. If you want to know more about the big stuff we roll up, go see Chef David. He loves feedin folks.

The Village of the Arts here in Bradenton, FL. is the perfect spot for David. He is not only a well loved Chef, he is also an artist. David is the kind of man who has to be doing something creative with his hands and part of that is creating in his kitchen and seeing the look on peoples faces when they bite into something for the first time. The Birdrock Taco Shack is David’s work of art, from the eclectic art on the walls to the skateboards to the food. His own place, his own kitchen all touched up by this very well rounded artist. and man… don’t forget… oh yes.. the Tacos…

Birdrock Taco Shack is at 1213 13th Ave. W in Bradenton, Florida’s Village of the Arts

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