Florida Taco Paradise photos by Michelle Roberts

Yesterday we met Scott, he was our server at our favorite spot Birdrock Taco Shack awesome guy who seemed somehow to know what we wanted! Turns out he is a long time friend of Chef David and knew what we wanted because he sat down and chatted us up while we looked over the menu. My wife Michelle Roberts and I were sittin outside enjoying the AMAZING April weather (the real reason most folks come to Florida.) Michelle starts snappin away and we live here! OMG they the other patrons are gonna think we are GASP TOURISTS! and we come here on a regular basis.

Michelle is snappin photos like she is a tourist on vacation. Nope my wife is just enthralled by the beauty that we sitting in the midst of . “responsible outdoor beauty” not a fake lawn or worse still a paved over area with vile asphalt or concrete. No… My wife is capturing the ambience of this quaint shack like eatery that is the epicurian epicenter of our little paradise found.

Then remember Scott? David’s friend? He brings us responsible, sustainable, outdoor utensils made of wood and paper which Katie (one of birdrocks star crew) tells us biodegrades in as little as 45 days. The simplicity of the utensils knife, fork (almost spork) and spoon and their obvious natrual woodgrain and the paper plates means David and his killa crew are trying avenues of being responsible business owners who care. Even the take home boxes are paper there IS still some foam laying around from the olden days but Im told but Birdrock is making a genuine effort to be responsible and to be an oasis for people to come, hang out, eat and drink and enjoy music… and Oh Yeah Scott again… he brought us the tacos… mmmmmmmmmm

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