Do Vegans and Vegitarians Care About Flavor?

This might seem like a weird question but as I am not a Vegan nor a Vegitarian  (Don’t get me wrong I like my veggies). I had always wondered if you were giving up flavor or that ever elusive umami. At Birdrock this isnt an issue at all and actually opened my eyes to the comnplexities of the vegan and vegitarian scene. Here is how it happened…

Eat A Taco, Change Your Mnd

I had taken my friend Danny Flanagan into Birdrock one day to celebrate a hard day of recording in the studio and I saw an avocado/quacamole taco thinking it was guacamole and a dipping type appetizer. I ordered it because I love Dave’s Avocado Smash (It’s nearly famous) when i got the two meatless vegitarian tacos I was perplexed, but one thing I’ve learned is that No matter what you order at birdrock you are gonna like it. So I ate my tacos and the flavor combinations exploded in my mouoth! I was amazed! No meat? and it tastes this good? How is this possible? not just a little bit of flavor but heaps of flavor, well balanced with beautiful depth and tasty. Dare I say it “The perfect vegitarian taco???”

Ive been So Wrong about Vegitarian Cuisine

It got me thinking about my mindset all these years that I HAD to have meat with every meal otherwise it wasnt a meal. I had shunned vegitarian offerings at my favorite eaterys thinking them to be less somehow. Im ashamed to say I had for these years thought Vegans and Vegitarians were being shorted somehow flavorwise for not eating meat. No Longer! thanks to Dave Shiplett and his amazing food. Whether you are vegan, vegitarian or carnivore or smply like myself clueless… There is something for you at birdrock and of the course the atmosphere doesn’t hurt either. There is always someone cool at the shack. Whether its David, Ciara, Austyn, Hannah or some of their famous and nearly famous regulars or just our friendly neighborhood snowbirds Birdrock is the place to get fed and fed right if you love flavor. Hey Guy Fieri flavor town is in the VOTA at the Birdrock!

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